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Lise Charmel

Born in Lyon, the silk capital, the Lise Charmel brand has earned an international reputation for creating exquisite designs and colors in satin, silk, guipure embroideries and Calais lace. With its spirit of haute couture, Lise Charmel has become a model for luxury French lingerie throughout the world.

LISE CHARMEL creates gorgeous corsetry, lingerie, and swimwear, constantly raising the bar to the next level. Following its custom-made corsets, the Lyon House has kept its passion for the craft, maintaining savoir-faire and excellence in the presentation of luxury. 

With inspiration driven by references to art, mainly from French and Italian sources, the brand has created original designs, shapes, and colors, developing a singular identity that is esteemed worldwide.

Based in Lyon, where the creation, design and model making ateliers are still located, the brand continues to support the ongoing skill evolution of its corset makers in the development of high quality and identity style models. Its R & D laboratory is especially involved in the evolution of new materials and their dedicated technologies to this high-end lingerie world.

Its constantly renewed expertise demands mastering the most sophisticated cuts for unrivalled creations: a unique way of creating collections that appeal to the most demanding women in styling, fit and finishings.

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