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GirlyGoGarter with Pockets

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The slim, sexy, secure pocketed GirlyGoGarter  with patented GentleFlex Grippers wraps around the leg and features outside lace and inside lock-flap pockets in a pickpocket-proof design. Made from runway-quality lingerie lace and microfiber, this indispensable part of your wardrobe can easily carry up to 3 lbs., and comes in 3 lengths to fit ladies' pant sizes 0-18.

The GentleFlex Grippers work with the warmth of your boy and lingerie quality microfiber wicks moisture away from your skin making for a more secure alternative to carrying a handbag. Users have found a more secure place for their mic-pac, diabetics needing a place for their insulin, travelers needing a secure place for their passports and money, concert goers, wedding parties, sports spectators, festival attendees and ladies headed out for a night on the town to name a few! 

The GirlyGoGarter comfortably holds up to 3lbs. and has both easy access and lock-flap pockets allowing you to easily carry your cell phone, passport, I.D., credit cards, lip gloss and much more. 



- Mobile phone (including iPhone 6 Plus, Android, etc.) 

- Cash, credit cards, compact, keys 

- Passport

- Insulin pump or Epi-Pen

- Flask (check out our GirlyGoGarter flask!) 


Small (fits sizes 0-6) 

Medium (fits sizes 8-12) 

Large (fits sizes 14-18)